Learn Linux Quickly - Linux Commands Book for Beginners

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Learn Linux Quickly doesn't assume any prior Linux knowledge, which makes it a perfect fit for beginners. Nevertheless, intermediate and advanced Linux users will still find this book very useful as it goes through a wide range of topics. Learn Linux Quickly will teach you the following topics:

  • Installing Linux
  • Over 116 Linux Commands
  • User and Group Management
  • Linux Networking Fundamentals
  • Bash Scripting
  • Automate Boring Tasks with Cron Jobs
  • Create your Own Linux Commands
  • Linux Disk Partitioning and LVM
  • Finding Files on Linux
  • Understanding File Permissions
  • Linux Processes

And much more! There is no time to waste here! Learn Linux Quickly.

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Complete beginners guide to Linux command line in DRM-free PDF format.

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Learn Linux Quickly - Linux Commands Book for Beginners

1 rating
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